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The Big Pine Treehouse

Our Story


​We are pleased to have you as our guest. The Grand Treehouse Resort was established in 2008. Frank Green Sr. (a veteran of WWII who received 2 Bronze Stars), moved the family to Eureka Springs in 1966. 

Over their many years in Eureka Springs, the Green family has created a rich tradition of community and service.

Frank Green Sr. served as a city counselor with Robert Ball.

During their service to the City of Eureka Springs, Frank and Robert started the Antique Car Parade which is still an attraction. Frank's mother, Kay Green, served as the first female mayor of Eureka Springs.

The family has owned and operated many businesses in Eureka Springs which include: The High Hat Bar, The Mud Street Bar, Frank's DX Station, Green's Service Center and The Woods Resort.


Frank Senior's son, Frank Green,continues his family's traditions and is the owner of The Grand Treehouse Resort and Angler's Restaurant located on Hwy 62 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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